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Product Information


Age RatingsR18++
DeveloperAcid Style
Initial Release Jan/15/2015
Last update Jan/17/2015
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About The Game: (Barrage!)


Plotted in the year 2048, After contacting to the aliens, human kind face the greatest threat. Alien invaders try to conquer earth with their full troop and can do anything to people who come their way, specially the women, who find themselves helpless in front of the monsters who abuse them to eternity. But mankind have to fight back with all power we’have got. Only way to defend ourselves is to make use of fire and explosives we’hv got. With over 14 weapon types and 6 kinds of vehicles, it not easy but yet possible to defeat the invaders. If you encounter someone being raped, rescue her! for watching, you have the gallery. Barrage Free Download Links Added!



The game comes with difficulty levels: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD.

You can view every rape scene and animations in the gallery mode without letting the girls suffer and losing the game. There are over 30 animation varieties to enjoy!



System  Requirements:


Game PlatformPC
Direct X9
OS PlatformWindows XP,Vista, 7, 8 or highter
RAM512 MB Recommended
CPUAny CPU over 1.8 Ghz
Video CardNo special Preference





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barrage free download

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