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GameElf Crisis
CategoryRole Playing
GenreProstitution Violation Naughty Rape Gangbang Interspecies Sex
Age RatingsR18+++
DeveloperStudio Cute
Initial ReleaseJul/13/2015
Last updateN/A
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About The Game: (Elf Crisis)


Once there lived a princess who named Elyus is a royalwitch. She does jnot know about her true power. Her kingdom is haunted by different monsters and tries to kidnapped her from the castle. She fights back and if caught they ra*e her. Various mode are available such as gangbang mode, masturbation mode, gallery mode etc.




  • Role Playing based game.
  • Lustful Anime Characters.
  • There is an easy mode for non-gamers.
  • Features pregnancy and armor breaking, prostitution.
  • Contains H scenes.


System  Requirements:


Game PlatformPC
Direct X9 or Higher
OS PlatformWindows XP,Vista, 7, 8 or highter
RAM512 MB Recommended
CPU2GHz or greater
Video CardNo Preference



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Elf Crisis Free Download

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