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Elf Knight Giselle Free Download Full Version by Masturbation chronicle  


Elf Knight Giselle Free Download




Product Information


GameElf Knight Giselle
GenreDirty Talk Fantasy Internal Cumshot Violation Ahegao/Gapeface Corrupted Morals
Age RatingsR18++
DeveloperMasturbation chronicle
Initial ReleaseAUG/29/2014
Last updateNOV/13/2014
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About The Game: (Elf Knight Giselle)


Real action based game by Masturbation chronicle, story about a elf knight giselle who fights against enemies to save her friends from orcish capativity, enemies can be defeated by different magic attacks by giselle and violation by enemies will raise the Giselles’s pleasure gauge, and resulting in Giselle’s status gauge. Magic attacks can cause more damage then ordinary sword attacks and the damage is cumulative, outfits will be rent asunder! watch 3D animated H scenes when enemies use pleasure attacks, Completing all stages can able to choose gallery mode to watch over sexual content, 20+ H scenes containing expressions and dialogues based on Giselle’s circumstances. Arena mode is also available to play extra different stages.




  • Action based Game.
  • 3D animation.
  • 20+ H scenes and Gallery containing sexual contents.
  • Secret button available for unlocking sexual content.
  • Gallery Mode to control over all H scenes.
  • 1280*720 Display



System  Requirements:


Game PlatformPC
Direct X9.0 c
OS Platform Windows XP,Vista, 7, Windows 8
RAM4GB Minimum
CPUAny CPU with 2 Ghz and up
Video CardNo preference





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Elf Knight Giselle Free Download

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