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GenreFantasy Breast Sex Rape Nekomimi (Catgirl)
Age RatingsR18+++
Initial ReleaseMay/16/2013
Last updateN/A
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About The Game: (Eroico)


In Eroico you control a hero who has to make his way through various levels, each filled with a host of different monster girls who want to assault him, traps  and a boss at the end.  there’s a great variety of enemies each with an appropriate fighting style(Minotaurs attack with powerful axe swings, witches throw spells at you, araune summon vines from the ground,harpies charge at you from the sky, ecc.) an unique sprite sex animation and an unlockable CG. The option to turn off the hentai content for those interested in uploading a speedrun on video sharing sites, the various levels of difficulty players can chose from depending on their skill are a testament to the great care that went in the making of this game. Feel free to enjoy the H contents in the Eroico.




  • Action based game.
  • Lustful Anime Characters with H contents.
  • 2D Animation and best graphics overview.
  • Modes are available such as blow job, masturbation mode, penetration mode, Pregnancy mode.
  • Gallery mode unlocks all H contents.



System  Requirements:


Game PlatformPC
Direct X9 or Higher
OS PlatformWindows XP,Vista, 7, 8 or highter
RAM512 MB Recommended
CPU1GHz or greater
Video CardNo Preference






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  • Get regular updates which may not be available here.
  • Unlock In-game bonus.


Eroico Free Download

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