(EASY TUTORIAL) How to complete an offer/download the password

We highly apologize your inconvenience but this second-step verification prevents link spamming.  Direct links ultimately affect the game companies and they make sure to take stronger measures like licensing and it will be difficult for us to crack their games in future. So this step, though less effective but prevents direct leeching to some extent.

You can either download each password for each game if you love surveys or just simply download passwords for all games Here for a limited time.

      1. Visit the password link page: (given in your game package or above)

      2. Now they will ask you to complete any of the listed offers which vary countrywise.

      3. Select a offer, it should be a promotion website like a shopping website, ringtone offer etc.

      4. Sign up the website. If you are not comfortable using your own information you can use:

FAKENAMEGENERATOR.COM, select your name set, gender and country and click                                                         generate to get some random person’s information. you can use these info for signing                                                            up the offer website.

**********If offer asks you for a credit card**********

Use this card:

Name on Card: Indiana Jones

4067 4281 2967 3336

CVV: 447

EXP: 9/15

       5. Download still not starting?

  • Make sure that you have confirmed the email used while signing up after the signup process. Also, certain websites may ask you to confirm pin sent to your cell phone. After confirmation download should begin immediately.
  • Download must be started if you followed the steps exactly. Thanks for your precious time! Enjoy!


      6. Any other queries? Feel free to Contact Us