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Product Information


GameNEKOPARA vol.1
Age RatingsR18++
Initial ReleaseDec/30/2014
Last update*
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About The Game: (NEKOPARA vol.1)


Nekopara is an amazing game that should easily get you engrossed, even if you’re not a person that likes cat girls. For a long time, Sayori has had very nicely detailed pictures. Some of those pictures are of the two main characters of this work: Chocolat and Vanilla. Those two Nekomimis are some very popular characters, even outside of Japan. Nekopara vol. 1 download links added.

There’s a lot to like about this game, the well done personalities of the girls (ranging from clingy to stingy like actual cats, to happy and jovial), the well done animation of the game, including the H scenes, the voice acting which is superb, and the replay ability of the entire game.


Ingame features:


Vanilla and Chocolat convincingly pull off the traits of cats — cuddling with each other and goshujin-sama, being annoyingly clingy, attacking toys, devouring food — while doing their best to fit into human society. There are some glaringly obvious holes in the story (why not catboys? and why do they have sex like humans but can’t get pregnant?) but the point isn’t for that to make sense, rather just to fill you with feel-good catgirl moe. Nekopara vol. 1 download links are available for free.

The H scenes are splendidly animated just like the rest of the day-to-day scenes in the game, and the animation itself thanks to the E-MOTE engine is really fantastic. The quality may as well be hand-drawn, while the mouths, eyes, and motions all line right up perfectly with the voice acting. The seiyuu do a really great job and the lines are voiced without any sort of “in a box” or other environmental echo artifacts for those of you with good headphones. Just the voice, plain and simple. Even the color and font of the text is “bacchiri”.


System  Requirements:


Game PlatformPC
Direct X9
OS PlatformWindows XP,Vista, 7, 8 or highter
RAM128 MB minimum
CPUAny CPU with 1.8 Ghz up
Video CardNo special Preference





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