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GameTotal Rookie Magical * Mayaka
Age Ratings18+
DeveloperHimitshu Kessha
Initial ReleaseDec/12/2014
Last updateDec/16/2014
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 About The Game: (Total Rookie Magical Mayaka)


Total Rookie Magical Mayaka is a erotic  side-scrolling game by Himitsu Kessha. The playable character is a magical girl fighting the demons in a hardcore erotic battle.  With very less training, mayaka never expected to fight a battle, but circumstances bound her to do so. With the most basic training, Mayaka and her companion Nyanmaru were sent on a misson to fight the demons who are creating trouble and snatching people in the town. She must fight her way to the the secret base and somehow defeat the evil and save the people. You’ll probably know the drill if you already played hentai games before. However, like every game, it has guided objectives which will help you if you are new in this genre.


Ingame features:


Damages tear down her clothes, battle with demons goes erotic! In each stage, there is boss and your objective is to defeat each to proceed to next stage. With 19 base CGs, there are 6 stages in total including 1 tutorial stage. Difficulty options also available as: Easy, Normal, Hard. Total rookie magical mayaka free download links available at the bottom of the page.


System  Requirements:


Game PlatformPC
Direct X9 or Higher
OS PlatformWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
RAM1 GB or higher
CPUPentium 4, 1Ghz or higher
Video CardNo special Preference





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